“Hi Boss, I’m Out Riding. I’m Gonna Be A Little Late” 3-18-2011

Today the weather was absolutely perfect for a ride; 78 degrees with a mild wind blowing. As luck would have it, most of my morning commitments got postponed, and I was able to get in 90 miles of saddle time before work! I did what I needed to get done in the morning,  and was out the door by 11 a.m.

I hatched a quick plan to ride out to Upper Black Eddy in Bucks County, and visit Ringing Rocks Park again, to grab a few geocaches there. It’s about 40 miles from home, and about 35 miles back to my job. With one errand along the way, a few photo stops and maybe a bite to eat, I figured  I’d have plenty of time to be at work by 3 p.m.

I headed out of NE Philly, made a quick withdrawal at the credit union and traveled north. Presently, there is a detour along Second Street Pike just past Richboro, so I took Worthington Mill over to Swamp Rd. There are some rock quarries in this area, and a lot of big trucks travel these roads. I had forgotten how much wind turbulence they generate for a biker!

I soon linked up to Durham Rd, and took that for a stretch before turning onto New Hope Rd. I took that until it basically turns into a horse trail north of Holicong Rd.  I pulled off there to snap a few photos from my cell phone.

Being in traffic on a bike can be somewhat unsettling at times, particularly when you have not been out riding in almost four months! Needless to say,  it was a relief to be the only traffic on Holicong Rd. I was feeling hungry and ready for a cigarette, so I turned onto Mechanicsville Rd. Then hit up Creamery Rd, and took Old York Rd. down the hill to River Rd, stopping at Dilly’s Corner.

I’ve gone past here countless times in my life but really only remember ever stopping here once as a child, and maybe one other time as a teen; both times for ice cream. So I took a chance and pulled in. From the outside, the place reminds me of Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside, CA. I glanced over the menu sign which features burgers, hot dogs, french fries and the like, and as a vegetarian, I was repulsed. But at the bottom, I saw they had black bean burgers, so I ordered one. The girl at the counter asked if I wanted dressing on it, and pointed to a sign listing 7 or 8 different options. I went with basil mayo.  Mmmm. It was really good. I washed it down with a pink lemonade. I know I’ll be stopping there again! I grabbed a quick smoke and headed north on River Rd. towards  my destination.

As I was riding, I noticed a waterfall along River Rd. but there wasn’t a safe place to pull over nearby, and I was pressing for time. But I wanted a shot of the Delaware River, so a few miles north of the waterfall, there was a safe place to pull off. I snapped a shot from each angle.

Near the town of Erwinna, I turned onto Headquarters Rd. and then Tinicum Church Rd.  This set of roads was my favorite part of today’s ride. These roads are, a bit twisty, isolated, and it was mostly uphill. On a motorcycle,  I enjoy going uphill slightly more than going down. Both are fun, depending on the road, but I always enjoy the climb more than the descent.

At some point, Tinicum Church Rd. becomes Chestnut Ridge Rd.  I was jamming along when something caught my eye. I  had to turn back and pull over for a photo.

I was jarred by the word “Peace.” But I think it was the contrast of the snowflake on this warm day that really drew me in. In any case, it was a stop and snap moment!

Within minutes, I had arrived at Ringing Rocks Park, and had logged my first geocache. There were two others, but I had to make it quick. I hiked 1/4 mile to the location of the second cache, but had a little trouble locating the container. The listed coordinates were off by about 25-30 feet.  I re-read the clues and soon found it. There was a third cache I wanted to log, which involved taking a photo of myself at the coordinates.

Yes it was a good day, but my fun had to end soon. It was 2:15 when I took this photo.  I had 28 miles to go and had to stop for gas too! So I quickly tromped across the rocks, and back to my bike. I took a few back roads out of the park, and eventually linked up to Route 611. I made my way to Route 413 and then 232, riding right into the detours,  arriving at work 20 minutes late!  Oh well! Luckily, my boss rides too, so he understood!


4 Responses to ““Hi Boss, I’m Out Riding. I’m Gonna Be A Little Late” 3-18-2011”

  1. Been thinking about you and found this link in my bookmarks, glad to see your still having a good time riding!! If your ever in my area I hope to see you again. Peace!!

  2. Hey Man….
    You can find some great roads…
    Give me a shout, maybe I can join you..
    There is a ride planned the 2nd. week in sept. to see how many covered bridges we can do in one day.
    Let me know, I’ll relay all the info. to you..
    Scopes +

  3. I am thoroughy enjoying your blog. I lived for about 10 years around the New Hope area. I remember Dillys Corner well. It is crazy in the summertime every weekend there. It is very beautiful there, you may want to stop in the General Store in Point Pleasant. Happy Trails, Jackie

  4. Anyone wanting to get a few people together for a ride, post or sent me an e mail….

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