Feeling Green? 3-17-2011

Winter is almost over! It has been a turbulent one; in the world, as well as, in my own life.

My bike has been sitting in a garage and hadn’t been ridden since 12-24-2010 for a short trip the the grocery store. The Philadelphia region had a few big snow storms over the winter, but it seems to have ended a bit early this year! The past few days, temps have been reaching the mid 50’s, and today the forecast called for a high of 68 degrees! Oh yea!

Today, I went to get my motorcycle out of storage! I fired up the bike, and it took a few minutes, as well as a few runs around the block to get warmed up. But soon it was idling properly, and all was well. Off I went! I had to head home to drop off some gear, and get ready for work. But I still had about an hour to ride before work.

I took the longer way in, and after 45 minutes, I  stopped off for a few moments at Tamanend Park  which is a couple miles from my job.

All in all I rode about 40 miles today,  mostly commuting, but it still felt wonderful to be out riding a motorcycle again!

Tomorrow, the high is supposed to be 75 degrees, and depending on how my day goes, I may get in a longer ride. But either way,  Spring is almost here, and it’s riding season again! Hooray!


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