Fall, Foliage, Fun, and Photos – 10-25-2010

Autumn foliage around these parts peaks in mid to late October, as the leaves change from green into a brilliant array of fall colors.  The temperatures have been moderately warm for mid-October, so the colors might last a little longer this year. But once we get a morning frost, those leaves will star drying out and turning brown, leaving the trees barren until springtime.

With Monday off from work, I decided to take an afternoon motorcycle cruise, and capture some of the autumn beauty before it disappears. I really didn’t have a route planned, but knew that I wanted to find a few geocaches towards Upper Bucks, and ride over into New Jersey a little. I hit up some familiar roads close to home, and decided to take some photos right away.

Chinquapin Rd.  is a short, fun,  little, detour road that links Bristol Rd. with Holland Rd. and Buck Rd. As you can see, there is still a lot of green left on some trees…

While others have peaked and are starting to drop leaves.

I motored up Chinquapin, and then turned around….

Heading back to Bristol Rd, I  then went north on Bridgetown Pike. The SEPTA West Trenton rail line runs over this road and it is quite a crazy corner.

The temperature reached the low 70s and the warm sun felt nice this late in the year. It provided some awesome shadows, too.

Some hooligan came buzzing through on a BSA while I was taking photos.

I wanted to get this angle to show the dramatic colors of the season.

From Bridgetwon Pike, I ended up on Woodbourne Rd. in Middletown, still not far from home. The sign promoting apple cider at Styer Orchards caught my eye, so I pulled in.

As a kid, my parents would bring me and my sister here. In the fall Styer makes great cider, and they have hayrides where you can pick your own apples right from the trees. They are also known for making the best pumpkin pies, and around Thanksgiving they always sell out fast. I went into the market, and grabbed a cup of cider. They have a big juice dipenser with cups, and use the honor system with a box for coins. This month Styer Orchards are celebrating their 100 year anniversary.

The sign says… “From November 25, 1910, until the present, The Styer Family Orchards have passed from generation to generation, dedicated to the cultivation and harvesting of produce for sale to the public and to the preservation of the site for the education of future farmers. The Styer Family has conveyed this 107 acres to the township of Middletown to remain in perpetuity as a living testimonial to our agricultural history.”

I rode around the farm a little to look for the old tractor we used to play on as kids.

The tractor gets moved from time to time. This year it is on display out near the pumpkin patch.

I headed off to find more fall foliage, piloting my ride over to familiar turf through Yardley. I turned off Sandy Run Rd. onto Reading Ave, and went past St. Ignatius, where I attended grade school, then checked out the beautiful colors on Oxford Valley Rd.

I motored on from here, through Yardley…

and went north along River Rd.

Along the way, my odometer turned another milestone!

Having hit 25,000 miles on the Vulcan, I have  considered selling it soon, and buying a  larger motorcycle.  But for now, it’s mine, and it’s still all smiles!

From River Rd., I went up to Lurgan Rd, and turned on Covered Bridge Rd.

Legend has it the Van Sandt Covered Bridge is haunted, so I figured with Halloween around the corner maybe the ghosts might be a little restless. All I saw was this guy off in a nearby field.

I wasn’t scared, but I did get out of there fast! There were more colors awaiting over on Aquetong Rd.

I headed along Sugan Rd. and stopped at another familiar spot.

Even though I’ve gone past them hundreds of times, the only time I explored the Mills ruins in New Hope was at night about 20 years ago, and I was high on magic mushrooms,  so I felt like it was a good time to see them once more.

The sign reads, “MILLS In 1700 Robert Heath aquired 1000 acres of land from an original William Penn grant to Thomas Woolrich. As part of an agreement with Penn, Heath built a grist mill here on the north bank of Aquetong Creek. The mill was powered by the contstant flow of water generated by the great spring. Mills continued to operate at this location for over two hundred years. The ruins of a grist mill and a cotton mill converted to silk mill still exist on the south bank of the creek. These mills and their workers were immortalized in several paintings by Robert Spence in the early 1900’s. New Hope Historical Society”

This is a view from inside the silk mill, looking out onto Aquetong Creek.

I was enthralled by these ruins, and took quite a few shots here.

The colored ivy growing on the walls was very pleasing to me.

This is a view from inside of the grist mill.

Another view from inside the grist mill.

As I was about to leave, I heard the New Hope Ivyland heritage steam train  going by, and snapped off a quick shot.

I left and went a few miles to find a geocache.


This spot led me to a road I had never known about, which ends in Union Square, the site of New Hope’s train depot. There is a dead line here and some old trains.

This old train looked very interesting.

Originally built in May 1963, this diesel locomotive was repaired, repainted, and restored to service in February, 1997. It carries freight and work trains, and is a substitute passenger engine.

I went into town, and ate some pizza before crossing over the bridge into Lambertville, N.J. My plan included finding some geocaches in and around Sourland Mountian, but it was getting late, and I was really enjoying the foliage in this preserve, while riding on some roads I’d never been on.

This was on Mountain Rd. in West Amwell, NJ.

I cruised a little more, and took a picture on Orchard Rd. as the sun was going down through the clouds.

I only had enough light left for a few more quick photos of fall foliage.

This was on Linavale Rd., also in West Amwell.

I filled up my tank in NJ, and headed down Bear Tavern Rd. to the Washington Crossing bridge. On my way home, I stopped for one last photo on Woodbourne Rd. near Lake Luxembourg.

All in all, it was another fabulous time spent riding. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler, and the birds are flying south, so I really cherish these last few warm days of the season. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to get in a few more good rides before winter!


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  1. Nice ! Thanks, I enjoyed the trip !! 🙂

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